HEAVY DUTY D30/44 Axle Side Replacement Track Bar Bracket Fits Jeep XJ ZJ TJ MJ


Fix Your Death Wobble: The stock track bar bracket on Jeep front axles is a constant source of problems. It’s just far too flimsy, being made from thin sheet metal. It’s extremely common for the bolt holes in this bracket to become wallowed out, allowing the track bar to move around causing poor handling and death wobble. In addition, there isn’t much metal there to effectively perform a repair, and access to the nut on the back side is severely limited. It’s nearly impossible to get a wrench in there. 

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Upgrade your Jeep’s front axle track bar bracket with our heavy-duty replacement bracket and experience improved handling, enhanced safety, and peace of mind.

Our bracket is made from durable 3/16″ steel plate, making it significantly stronger than the original bracket. This means you won’t have to worry about the bolt holes becoming worn out and causing dangerous handling issues such as the notorious death wobble.

With the addition of a second hole, our bracket also allows for easy centering of the axle on lifted Jeeps that still use the stock track bar.

Not only is our bracket stronger and more effective than the stock bracket, but it’s also designed for easy service. We’ve included a window on the underside of the bracket that allows for easy access to the nut with a wrench, making future repairs a breeze.

Investing in our replacement bracket is the perfect solution for those who are already experiencing issues with their stock bracket, and it’s also a proactive way to prevent these issues from occurring in the first place.

Upgrade to our heavy-duty replacement bracket and enjoy improved handling, increased safety, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a reliable and durable component in place. Don’t settle for a flimsy stock bracket that can put your safety at risk – choose our replacement bracket for a more secure and enjoyable driving experience.

Made from High-Quality American Made Steel. Our Track Bar Brackets are made from high-quality 3/16″ steel made here in the good ole USA.

Easy to Moderate Installation. Our HEAVY DUTY D30/44 Axle Side Replacement Track Bar Brackets require welding and general fabrication skills and tools

***Trackbar Bolt, Hardware and Bushing shown are NOT included. For Reference Only.

All products are handmade with care in our Western Colorado shop. We are a family operated small business. Our focus is on bringing you a quality American made product at a great price! When you buy one of our products, you will be supporting a small family business, Thank you for taking the time to check our store.

Some items are cut/welded/powder coated to order and lead time may vary depending on various factors. Please be patient we are not amazon, and even amazon has “2-day” delivery that takes upwards of 2+ weeks nowadays.

Thanks again and Happy and Safe Wheeling to all!

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