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Hood Vents



Hood vents are not only a statement, they offer functional yet passive cooling to keep that 4.0 running just a bit cooler out on the trail. Check out all our inlays, im sure we have one that fits your personality!

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Frame Stiffeners


Your Jeep XJ Cherokee needs to be equipped with frame (Unibody) stiffeners before you go out and buy a lightbar…or even a locker! Frame Stiffeners are one of the first upgrades you should be doing to any XJ, if its to repair your torn or rusted out unibody, or simply to preserve your Jeeps  trail capabilities…you need these!

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JK Delete Plates



Did someone say Tramp Stamp? We gotcha covered! We offer numerous inlays to fit your Jeep’s personality! Take a look, dont like what you see? Shoot us a message and we can make what your jeep told you it wants!

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Give your Jeep a new spark of personality! We offer grills for 84-96 XJ and 86-92 MJ that mount at the OEM locations making install as simple as 8 screws! 97-01 XJ require a different mounting method, but still a very easy install. Custom grill designs available, message or text to get started!

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Armor, Bumper Kits & More Jeep Stuff


All the other JEEP stuff is in here.

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Cubby & Fuel Lid Covers



Make that cubby hole useful, and while your at it, its time for that armor you’ve been saying your gonna get…here it is!

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Firepits & Camping


You really need a fire pit, its just a simple fact of life. It brings together friends conversation and food, to say the least! We offer collapsible fire pits and grills to make your outdoor life….fascinating! 

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Tabs, GUSSETS & Tow Points


Got a project? We have you covered, with weld on tabs, gussets and tow points. If you require a specific item, text us with a drawing with measurements and material thickness your needing. 

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DIY Learn to Weld Kits


Just as the title says, these are kits for you to weld together. Simple yet functional items to get you more under the hood time practicing to make your welds ohhh so perfect!

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All that metal art


We have quite the selection of metal wall decor, come on in and see what we have that just just gotta have!

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Custom Requests


Are you looking for a custom sign for your home or business? We can help! Onsite CAD design, cutting, and that gorgeous powder coat finish, to top off that brand new eye-popping sign! Text or email us, lets get your next project started today! 

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Digital Cut Files


We offer a selection of SVG digital cut files, you can immediately download, and cut with plasma, laser or water jet. We take the time to provide a quality cut file, with minimal nodes, and a 1:1 scaling. 

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Tools & Shop Accessories


Tools and Shop Accessories are here. We will add more as more become available.

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Some of our work here



We are a small business on Colorado’s western slope. We started out in 2016 under a barns covered carport, and now we are in a 4000sq ft shop, offering onsite CAD design, custom fabrication and powder coating. We support the USA economy by buying USA made steel and powder for our coating.


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